How everything starts

Someone asked me today "How did you decide this is what you wanted to do in life?"

        The answer is ...

                  It makes me happy.

As simple as it sounds, it's something often overlooked. People fear many things when deciding on career paths. They tend to stress out and worry about stability. They worry about money, and they worry about what is "right or wrong" in society. They worry about pretty much everything you could possibly worry about, because after all, it is an important decision. More important than all of that though, is your own happiness. Will what you decide to do keep you happy every single day? 

My goals when i was younger were straight forward and aimed. I wanted to be a fireman. I wanted to save lives, or change lives, any way i could. As i grew older the same concept stuck. Still to this day all i want to do is help people. I might not do it by pulling someone out of a fire, but i realized i can do the same thing, in a different way. 

Just because this isn't a field where i have 100% job security, doesn't mean i have it in me, to just give up. Sure it will take 10+ years before your name is ever solidified, but isn't it worth it to try? I knew that with film, i could capture moments that would live long past my life span. I know that when i die, these things won't. I've always loved the fact that you can tell stories, and make people feel things, without being present. I loved even more that it didn't feel like a job. It was an avenue to travel, to explore, to inspire, and to do all the things i've always wanted to do.

So just like everything else starts,

I made a decision. .


This is what i wanted to do.


7 years in, and still not a rich man by any means. Sometimes i can't even afford coffee, but with this decision, I'll always be able to afford a smile.